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NEW GAS HOSES (European Standard EN-14800:2007)

Hobel has successfully developed new Metallic Corrugated Gas Hose Assemblies to European Standard EN-14800:2007 for use in the European Union commencing January 2009.


This European Standard has the status of a British Standard and supersedes Gas Assemblies made previously to UNI-CIG-9891.

The inside Hose comprises of a stainless steel Annular Corrugated Hose in AISI 316L material.

A protective stainless steel wire braid in AISI304 is provided above the corrugated hose for safety and pressure enhancement.

A Fire Retardent transparent cover is slipped on top and crimped at both ends. It also protects the flexible assembly from the corrosive ambient.

All welded end connections are in stainless steel with the nut option of stainless steel / brass (plated) with movement of retention and translation and a flat seal.
Standard Dimensions
FGH050 1/2" X M12 10 0500
FGH075 1/2" X M12 10 0750
FGH100 1/2" X M12 10 1000
FGH125 1/2" X M12 10 1250
FGH150 1/2" X M12 10 1500
FGH200 1/2" X M12 10 2000

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise specified. Subject to change without notice

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