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Axial motion means dimensional variation of a flexible tube along its longitudinal axis and displacement is expressed as the amount of extension/contraction or percentage of them for primary length. Braided Hoses should not be used for such motion.

Unbraided corrugated Hose is recommended while care must be taken in limited length by buckling. For axial displacement, an expansion joint is more suitable.

2. PERMANENT BEND: In order to simplify the connection of two piping systems, it is used in place of an ordinary bend pipe. If the Hose is bent and installed in excess of the minimum allowable bend radius of the tube, motion of the piping system will be absorbed to a certain extent by the tube.

3 OFFSET MOTION: Offset motion is the parallel motion that occurs in a tube with a flange at both ends while the distance between the two flanges remain the same. The amount of the motion is the movement of center line of free end up and won from the center line of the fixed end. It is expressed as plus and minus M respectively or as total motion T. When a corrugated Hose is used for vibration, offset is considered small and can be regarded as L=C. When offset is large as with thermal expansion etc., the difference between L and C is considerable, care must be taken when installing.

4. RADIAL MOTION: When a Hose is bent and attached, as shown in figure, radical motion is the horizontal or vertical motion at the beginning of the circular arc. It is generally called a moving loop and the amount of motion is expressed as the horizontal or vertical distance moved.

If a total motion is known and bend radius is properly chosen, the actual length of the tube and loop length can be calculated.

5. RANDOM MOTION: Besides the above four types of motion, there is disordered one called random motion. A garden Hose is a typical example. Even when a Hose is freely handled, it will suffer random movement.

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