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The 3 Axis co-ordinates of EGR Tubes, Turbo Drain Pipes and Exhaust Bellows are measured on a Carl Zeiss Co-ordinates Measuring Machine (CMM) having a bed size of 700 x 500 mm.

This equipment is suitable for measurement of imaginary co-ordinates over all three axis including parameters, such as, flatness, con-centricity, co-axiality, parallelism, waviness etc.

It is also extremely helpful in the measurement of precision toolings and fixtures developed for manufacturing and inspection purposes.
Our computerised Shadowgraph unit has geometric data processing capabilities. It is capable of measuring all profiles, including angles, radius, helix angle in horizontal and vertical axis of any component that can be accommodated on a bed size of 630 X 230 mm.

This equipment has the capability to copy the dimensions from a particular component and provide a drawing of the same, using its sophisticated data processing capabilities.
It is extremely helpful in reverse engineering of finished parts and components.

The Alcatel Helium Leak Detector, the most powerful and sensitive leak detector, is suitable for high volume leak testing of Flexible Tubes at a very high sensitivity of 5 X 10-12 mbar.1/sec. It can also provide short test cycle for big volumes with quick response time.

Any component having a volume of up to 100 ltrs. can be leak tested on this equipment.

It is capable of creating a vacuum level of 2.1 X 10-3 mbar and is guaranteed for 100% reliability.


All automobile components are subjected to Air Pressure Leak Test under water. This test is mandatory.

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