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The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Tube is a light weight stainless steel flexible assembly which carries unburnt gas vapours from the exhaust manifold chamber to the intake manifold, which is then reintroduced into the engine firing sequence.

We offer a "Single Piece" integrated design flexible EGR Tube assembly. Comprising of single/multiple tube bends along with Bellows.

The "Single Piece" integrated design minimizes the possibility of premature failure, as may be evident in conventional "multiple welded assemblies" and being light weight, it also enhances engine performance.



EGR Tubes with Heatshield Cover As the operating gas temperature is in excess of 650°C, we also offer EGR tubes with a suitable heat-shield cover dully secured at both ends with metal clips.

Our controlled manufacturing process ensures that all EGR tubes are manufactured with consistent repeatability, close tolerances and minimum ovality.

Accessories, such as coupling clamps are also provided by us to couple the EGR Tubes with the mating castings.

These tubes are individually designed based on specific customer requirements and are tested to withstand vibrational stresses of high temperatures.

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