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OLD GAS HOSES (UNI-CIG-9891 and UNI-CIG-8041-8042)

We produce a wide range of Gas Hose connectors which conform to the Italian Gas
Authority specifications UNI-CIG-9891 and UNI-CIG-8041-8042

All products are tested in-house as per above specifications.

We offer the following:


i)  Unisuper
ii) Uniplus

Design features:


Extensible Flexible Tubes made of stainless steel AISI 316L, male fitting AISI303 gas
thread, UNI ISO 7/1, swivel female AISI303 and gas thread 228/1. The joining of the
parts is done with Tig welding without addition of material. All these parts are
subjected to sealing test and vacuum heat treatment.

Application of products:


Used for connection of the gas supply to domestic appliances, cooking stoves, boilers, hot bath with maximum capacity of 35kW designed conforming to the Regulation (UNI CIG 9891) and approved with IMQ quality standard.

All the products can be made with fittings swivel female-swivel female.

External Protection:


UNISUPER protective sheath, flame-proof, corrugated made of P.P.

UNIPLUS made with sheath sleek wall of plyolefin, completely flameproof,
atoxic anchored to the support using thermo-shrinking method; the extensibility
is achieved with telescopic sliding.

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